Fall Stationary and Word Art

Need a quick Fall project?  Read on.  I was browsing the Silhouette blog, and the weekly challenge was to use any shape to do with Fall, and make something.  I was inspired by some of their leaf shapes and chose a few that looked like a sketch.  First I decided to do a quick 8×10 Fall-themed wall art piece by selecting a font, the leaves from the Silhouette store, and pulling out my craft paper card stock.  I made the wall art by just simply designing how I wanted it to look on my Silhouette and adding some text to a shape I created that mimicked the shape of the falling leaves, and then selecting the “no cut” option.  Then I simply printed it out and popped it into a frame.  Easy-peasey.

Fall Word Art

But then I decided I wanted to tackle a project I had been wanting to try for a while.  There are a lot, and I mean a lot of Lori Whitlock designs on the Silhouette website.  I love all of her 3 D projects.  She even has a You-tube channel with a lot of tutorials for her projects.  So anyway, I had bought her A-2 stationary set and it had just been sitting in my library looking ominous.  So, in keeping with the fall theme and the shapes I just pulled together for my Fall Word Art, I decided to reuse those on Thank You Stationary and tags.  Now, I was a little intimidated when I opened the file because there are a lot of shapes that go into this.  It is three sections and then there are pieces to cover the sides and bottom.  I ended up going to Lori Whitlock’s website, and finding the diagram to put it together, and after that it was really very simple.  The boxes were no problem but some of the side pieces were throwing me off.   I am sure it is simple to a lot of you, but I had to visualize it with the diagram to be sure I was cutting the right color paper.  So doing a lot of “print and cut” on my Silhouette, I ended up with a nice stationary set to give to a friend.  I hope you will try one of her 3D projects, and tell me what you think.

Fall Silhouette