Caramel Apples

Crimson Gold Apples

Crimson Gold Apples

Looking for an inexpensive and festive Fall gift that most anyone would love to get? ┬áHere it is…yummy goodness awaits:
Crimson gold Organic apples

Crimson Gold Organic apples

I made the mini apples for a class Halloween party. They were so darn cute and small I had to do it. They are very much like a Fuji Apple. I found them in the organic section in a bag of about 20 for $2.49 for the bag.

My friends came over and help me make these Big Daddy’s!

Big Daddy's!

Big Daddy’s!

Very simple all you need are some apples, water, caramel, good chocolate, such as Guittard, shortening, crushed Heath Bars, and wooden sticks.

Wash the apples in hot water and rub dry, trying to get off any wax so the caramel will stick better. Follow the directions on the caramels package, I used Kraft:

Use a wooden spoon to help the excess off the caramel, back into the pan. Put them in the refrigerator for a while. After the caramel has dried, I used a double boiler to heat and melt the chocolate and added a little shortening, I didn’t measure, and a friend actually did this part, but just a little to smooth out, and thin the chocolate. Dip them in chocolate, and then dip in the crushed Heath Bars. Put on waxed paper and leave in the refrigerator overnight.

Dress up your apple with a tag, when giving as a gift.

Dress up your apple with a tag, when giving as a gift.