RIP Sign ~ Halloween


This was just a sign I had been wanting to do for a while.  There was a similar and longer one on Pinterest and it was sitting on my list of things to tackle before Halloween. Luckily my friend that loves to craft cannot be patient and makes me do things a whole lot earlier than I would normally do them.  I think we finished this at the end of September, but then I went on a Mexican cruise and forgot all about posting it 🙂  Anyway, I learned some things NOT to do when making this so let me share that with you.  The number one thing you should never do when using paint and vinyl is use a gloss paint!  My friend and I had no idea that the gray paint was a gloss.  Gloss paint is not friends with vinyl, like ever.  So I recommend you look at the label of that old paint can stored away before you use it.  I actually had to use Mod-Podge to keep my vinyl on the board.  Another mistake… I didn’t realize the Mod-Podge was the “Gloss-Lustre” either.  I prefer the “Matte” Mod-Podge, so don’t be like me, and read your labels if you don’t like gloss and spending a lot of extra time attaching your vinyl.  A trick we learned from searching Pinterest is that if you paint your board black and apply a Vaseline product on top of that after it dries, where you don’t want the gray to stick when you paint over it, it will keep the top coat of paint only where you did not apply the Vaseline.  I think it makes a cool aged look.  It is hard to tell in the picture, but I used a stencil to paint darker gray swirls in the background.  Not sure it was worth the effort either, another live-and-learn.  The detailed swirly skeleton at the top of the board was a super pain in the butt too.  Sometimes the intricate designs will cause you to pull your hair out.  Anyway, I got a craft I marked off my “Pinterest Gotta Make That” list.  I think it turned out very nice, and very close to the original that was posted on Pinterest.  What did you make for Halloween this year?