Custom Onesies

Great for a quick gift for an expectant mother.

Great for a quick gift for an expectant mother.

I wanted a quick, but personal, and not so expensive gift I could give to a mom in my son’s class. She just had a little girl. I washed the onesies first. I used the Silhouette stencil material and cut out stencils of the shapes I wanted, but you can always buy pre made stencils at Target or Walmart, or where ever you come across them. I will say I had to cut the stencil material on 4 instead of the suggested 3 setting. It wasn’t the easiest to separate on the 3 setting, and I don’t recommend it, unless you have a brand new, really sharp blade. But if your stencil is detailed you may just want to use the 4 setting to be sure it cuts through. Make sure you put a piece of cardboard inside the onesie so the paint doesn’t go through the back. You want to use fabric paint. I am really loving the metallic gold paint.

Loving the gold metallic fabric paint!

Loving the gold metallic fabric paint!

I think it will be cute for summer. Make sure the stencil is really adhered well to prevent paint from bleeding underneath. Once you go over it, I would let it dry, and then go over it again. I was not very patient, so mine are not completely coated evenly. The bottle says to let dry for 3 days before washing, but after a few hours mine were dry to the touch. These will make a great little gift. I personalized one with her name on it, so I think that is a nice touch. If you have never used fabric paint and a stencil, go for it. This was only the second time I did this, and I am happy with the results.

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