Dying vs. Painting Easter Eggs



This year we tried a Paas Kit labeled “24K Golden Eggs”  This kit comes with a tray, two paint brushes, three packets of color, and two  packets of golden color.  You just mix some gold with the colors and paint it on.  My son and I had fun doing this together.  He will be nine next month, and I do think this would get messy if his little five-year-old brother was in on this (he got to do the traditional ones below).  We did this batch by ourselves after his brother went to bed for some time together, and so that his little brother didn’t paint my entire house with golden paint.  We did get some on the granite counter top and it came right off with water.  A pretty alternative to the regular eggs.  


These are your traditional Paas Easter Eggs.  I use the method of putting a tablespoon of vinegar and teaspoon of salt in the water before it comes to a boil.  Not sure if this helps the color or cracking, but that is just what I do, and it doesn’t change the taste any so no harm no foul.  I boil them for a minute or two, and then take them off the stove and cover them with a lid and pray they don’t crack.  We didn’t have any crack this year.  We added the three tablespoons vinegar, and a half cup of water to each cup per directions, and we got some great color.  We did use a few brown eggs (not shown) and the green color was even darker than the one above.  I wish I had tried more brown eggs with the dye.  Next year!!  

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