Heart Lace Cookies

Heart Lace cookies inspired by www.sweetsugarbelle.com

Heart Lace cookies inspired by http://www.sweetsugarbelle.com

Have you ever come across a blog that just blows your mind? Well when I found http://www.sweetsugarbelle.com I just could not believe my eyes. She makes the most lovely decorated sugar cookies. And she has made many many many of them. I am no where near as good as her and here is her version of a lace cookie: http://www.sweetsugarbelle.com/2012/01/piping-lace-on-cookies/ Just beautiful. I don’t have the patience to use a push pin to plan out my design, and I don’t usually get my frosting consistency correct, but when I saw those I had to try to make some. She had some red hearts too, but I couldn’t find the page in her 65 pages. Her cookies are of course, way more clean and perfect, but I had to try it. You can also see an example of them in a circle shape in beautiful jewel tones and in black and white that you could use for any occasion. I free-handed my designs, which is why they are not as perfect. I also used her recipe that you can find on her site for sugar cookies, and royal icing. I had always used Martha Stewart’s before. I really liked the almond extract flavor way better than vanilla, and the real bonus was that you didn’t have to chill the dough. I was super skeptical. At first I thought it would never work and it would be sticky, but nope, it actually worked. I used some flour and it rolled out just fine. So if you ever see something you are dying to try, by all means try it. At least I know what I will do differently next time. Overall I am really happy with the end result. They are a labor of love, but your guests will appreciate them. And they taste as good as they look. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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