Boot Socks!



It’s Fall!  I finally got to wear boots and a sweater this weekend.  Ahhhh…let the cold weather begin!  I know that boot socks have been really trendy, and I wanted to get some this season.  First I started at  They have some really cute cuffs you can wear that look like socks without the bulk.  I must say, I have really big calves.  I am a runner too, which doesn’t help, but I think the big calves are a product of my lack of height 🙂 So I was looking for something to keep the bulk down, like way down or my calves were not gonna fit in my boot anymore.  Wide-calf boots are my friend, but even then we are pushing it.  So I went over to to see what I could make myself on the cheap.  Wouldn’t ya know, there were plenty of ideas.  I basically found a pair of old socks that had an interesting edge on them (truth be told, I think I wore them when I was Dorothy for Halloween many moons ago).  So I simply cut the toes off, rolled the edges over (I can sew them in the future), and pulled them up over my calves.  Voila…instant boot socks.  I still wore regular booty socks on my feet, because I can’t go sock-less in boots, ew.  I wanted that long sock look, and this did the trick.  Here is a photo of the post-cut socks…think of them as little calf warmers.  



Now I will be on the look out for socks with a cute edge so I can make more of these.  I will say I wore them for the first time this morning while dropping off my Jr. Kindergartener, and I immediately got compliments from people I didn’t know.  When I told them how I made them, they all seemed impressed.  So give it a try if you like the look.  Very simple and easy.

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