Magnet Boards


My sons rooms have walls just calling to be decorated.  We recently repainted our younger son’s room and needed some new decorations that matched.  These boards are 17″x9.5″.  Just go into your local Lowes or Home Depot and ask them to cut them for you.  I got the flash metal sheeting (12″x8″) at Lowe’s too, it was only .97 cents.  There is more expensive sheeting, so be careful to find the more economical stuff that is not by the paint section, cuz that stuff is pricey.  I did use a router to get that edge.  They are not that much money, and totally worth it if you like to work with wood.  Michael’s may have some routed, unpainted boards (but you will need to adjust your metal sheeting size accordingly).  Paint your board any color you like.  Use some very strong epoxy glue to attach sheeting.  I set paint cans on top of them to be sure they would adhere well.  Then the fun part begins.  Pick a theme you want for your board.  My older son loves video games (much to my chagrin), and our younger one just started soccer, so that part was easy.  I picked some cute shapes in the Silhouette store to match my themes, and cut and placed my vinyl.  If you do not have a Silhouette machine, you can always stencil paint words on the top of your board, and add embellishments or stickers.  I will attach some teeth to the back and hang them up on their walls.  I think I need to make some custom magnets for those, so maybe you will see those later.  Have fun!  Go make something today.Image


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